Effect Yarn System
Fabric Density Control System
Shearing Machines
Tumbling & Softening
Reeds & Combs
Sanforizing, Pre- and post-treatment for Ink-Jet Printing
Let-off units
Dyeing Machinery
Hydroextractors, Dying Chambers
Heated Rolls - Fiber Production Plant
Parts, New Frames and Service
Tying In and Drawing In
Endless Needled Belts
Specialty Weaving Machgines and Upgrades
Dye Dispensing Systems
Quality Monitoring Systems
Detection and Removal of Contamination in Raw Cotton
Coating Laminating Systems
Carpet Confection, Sectional and Direct Warping, Technical
Sewing Machines for Finishing Processes
Electric Vehicles
Transport Automation & Batch Winders
Twisting & Covering machines
Lab and Testing Equipment
Compacting System
Filling Feeders Accumulators
Warp Beams
Traveling Cleaners
Radio Frequency Dryers
Sample warper
Accessories Spinning and Filament Processing
Weaving Machines
Vacuum Conditioning & Heat Setting Machines