Weaving Machine Manufacturers


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  • High performance and High Quality reeds
  • The world leader in electronically controlled warp thread feeding systems and warp tension control systems.
  • Warp Tying Machine and Drawing – In Machines
  • Experts in PROJECTILE-weaving technology
  • WeftMaster sensors are the leading technology which ensure 100% yarn and weft control for all types of weaving machines. Loepfe’s tailor-made overall solutions are in use within many different industries ranging from textile, automotive, printing to electronics and many more. Our customers know – with Loepfe their production is under control.
  • Sectional and Direct Warper
  • Superior Batch winding for weaving applications
  • Warp Beams
  • Traveling cleaners
  • Technology for Short Warp Processing
  • Weaving Machines
  • Weft Feeders / Accumulators

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