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A perfect fabric is the result of a combination of different elements in the weaving process, with a key element being the correct set-up of the weft feeders.

The core function of a weft accumulator, as a fundamental necessity in the weaving process, is the ability to minimize tension variations in the yarn insertion, from the bobbin to the weaving machine, and this core function can be further enhanced by incorporating our unique accessories.

Various feeders are available and will be matched for the specific application and loom type.

The HD X3 is designed for dusty and heavy industrial yarns. In particular, Flat Polypropylene Tape, Nylon Monofilament, roving on Projectile and Rapier weaving machines, jute and other technical yarns.

The XD X3 provides unique solutions for the demands of specialized applications. The countless variations in yarn fibers continue to make new and more rigorous demands on yarn tension control.

Incorporating decades of experience in yarn feeding technology, the XD X3 is simply the best choice for your specialized application.
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