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Automated Package Handling Systems for Man-Made Fibers

  • Automatic doffing of yarn packages from Extrusion take-up winders.
  • Overhead doffing solution so not to block operator access to the extrusion frame.
  • Suited well for BCF and Nylon yarns.
  • Custom solutions, including overhead package transport, centralized palletizing or boxing of yarn.
  • Automatic Package Tube Labeling.
  • Pallet conveyor lines to weigh, strap, and label pallets a needed
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Textra – Roving Bobbin Transport Systems

  • An overhead solution for automatic movement of yarn bobbins from roving frames to the ring spinning frame.
  • Utilizes a “train concept” providing overhead storage to balance production flows.
  • Automatic yarn bobbin loading and unloading at the roving frame.
  • Automatic Bobbin Stripper to clean off all yarn from the bobbin between processes.
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Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)

  • AGV transport for transport of sliver cans between Draw Frames and Spinning frames in the yarn manufacturing process.
  • Suitable for movement of both Round and Rectangular sliver cans.
  • Utilizing Laser and Natural Navigation technologies.
  • Flexible AGV routing providing quick changes in your material flow.
  • Other applications include Floor Cleaning AGV’s, etc
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Automated Boxing of Yarn

  • Automatic Boxing Cells for packing yarn into boxes.
  • Each package is individually placed in a plastic bag prior to boxing.
  • Suitable for multiple box sizes and package weights.
  • Complete line to box, weigh, and label each box.
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Single Machine Palletizer

  • Single palletizer for individual machine unloading.
  • Providing a Semi-Automatic palletizer for a more competitive solution.
  • Designed to be added to the end of an individual OE frame, or package winder.
  • Automatic machine tending, reducing the risk of worker for repetitive motion injuries.
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Central Palletizing

  • Providing a centralized solution for palletizing high volumes of yarn packages produced in a typical manufacturing facility.
  • Suitable for multiple pallet types, sizes, and layer patterns.
  • Cylindrical and/or Conical packages, of all weights and sizes.
  • Safe and gentle handling of all yarn types.
  • Including pallet conveyor lines to strap, stretch wrap, weigh and label complete pallets
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QCS – Quality Control System for Automatic Package Inspection

  • A Vision based system which provides two types of package inspection.
  • Package ID; each package is checked to confirm its Tube ID, to insure each package is automatically palletized to the correct pallet.
  • Cotton/Poly Blend inspection; Under a black light tunnel, each package can be inspected to confirm the cotton/poly blend percentage.
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CanTrac – Can Transport System

  • Ideal for can transport within a roving frame can creel.
  • Floor based providing a closed system for movement of full and empty cans between Draw Frame and Roving Creel.
  • Cost effective solution for can handling under a Roving Creel.
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