Yarn Quality Control

WeftMaster sensors are the leading technology which ensure 100% yarn and weft control for all types of weaving machines. Loepfe’s tailor-made overall solutions are in use within many different industries ranging from textile, automotive, printing to electronics and many more. Our customers know – with Loepfe their production is under control.



WeftMaster CUT-it is the ideal fabric cutter system for thermal cutting from thin and light to dense and heavy synthetic fabrics on the loom. All applications with a high quality demand benefit from this innovative solution.
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Falcon-i Yarn detector

  • Detects smallest knots, fluff and filamentation
  • Suitable for: Mono- and multifilament yarns, Carbon fibers
  • All yarn colors
  • Yarn range of 20 – 3000 dTex
  • Yarn speed up to 30 meters/second
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FWL Yarn stop motion

  • Detects yarn breaks and yarn stoppages, suitable for all yarn qualities
  • Applicable on: Winding machines, Roving machines, Yarn preparation machines
  • Sewing machines, Texturizing machines, Spinning machines, Cable machines & Twisters
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SW Filling detector

  • Detects yarn breaks and yarn stoppages
  • Senses the movement of the weft yarn up to the fabric selvedge with piezo-electric signal receivers
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KW Knot detector

Monitors all knots in running yarn, applicable for weaving & winding
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SFB-L for Projectile looms

  • Controls the weft thread tension for all yarn types
  • Ensures optimum weft thread tension
  • Guarantees optimized late braking start through electronic control by the projectile sensor
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