Dyeing Equipment


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  • Fabric Density Control System
  • Sheering for both Woven, Tufted Carpet & Turf
  • Tumbling & Softening
  • Sanforizers
  • Manufacturers of machinery for fiber, yarn, hosiery and garment dyeing
  • Manufacturers of machinery for the dyed package yarn and dyed bumps sector as well as automated handling systems for loading and unloading of yarn carriers.
  • The ITB Textiles Division supplies the textile industry with a wide range of seamless felts and belts which have become over the years a reference standard in terms of quality and performance for any textile finishing department.
  • Lawer designs and manufactures dispensing systems for liquid and powdered products in semi- and fully automatic configurations.
  • A manufacturer of sewing machines and batch preparation lines for dyeing and finishing operations.
  • Lab Equipment
  • Radio Frequency Dryers

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