Manufacturers of machinery for fiber, yarn, hosiery and garment dyeing

PMT garment dyeing machines

Available in atmospheric and HT version. The special internal finishing of the basket and the special drawn holes allow for processing of the most delicate fibers with a very low coefficient of friction. Full process control with latest instruments displaying the dye liquor exhaustion, steam and water consumption in real time

AMRE skein dyeing machines

  • Cabinet style machine design with great flexibility regarding machine and load sizes.
  • Coupling of machines is possible.

TRO horizontal package dyeing machine

  • Variable loading with constant liquor ratios.
  • No need for overhead crane or large ceiling

RVS-RVD vertical package/fiber dyeing machine

  • Air pad technology for variable load sizes at constant liquor ratios.
  • Flexible kier heights create large variety of lot sizes.