The world leader in electronically controlled warp thread feeding systems and warp tension control systems.

Selvedge Thread let-off

Designed for perfectly adjusted selvedge thread tension control. The tensioning arm measures the selvedge tension and keeps it constant from a full to an empty spool.

Individual tension control for the selvedge and the warp beam, may result in a better running efficiency, better fabric quality and a reduction in loom parts consumption, as the overall warp tension can often be reduced.

UKAST 508 Warp let-off

Designed for perfectly adjusted warp tension control. It keeps the warp tension constant from a full to an empty warp beam. The tension is measured with a linear sensor on the back rest roller of the loom.

Warp thread feeding systems for narrow machines

Various tension control systems for narrow weaving machines are available in form of a narrow delivery unit / driven roller or a complete let-off for narrow looms. Solutions are typically individually designed for the application.

Warp feeding device / Delivery unit

This device is used in combination with a package creel. The delivery unit feeds the yarn from the creel to the weaving machine by keeping a constant tension. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including in carbon weaving.

Beam stand and warp beam in high position

Crealet offers a complete upper beam stand including electronic let-off for existing looms for most brands and types. They also offer additional beam stands sitting on the floor for weaving with multiple beams on wide and / or narrow looms.

KAST 912 Let-off & Take-up control unit

Electronically controlled weaving tension between the warp in the back and the take-up in the front. No pick gears are involved as the pick density is set on the display. The peak weaving tension can be reduced resulting in less loom parts consumption and better fabric quality and efficiency.