Textile Finishing Machine

Sheering for both Woven, Tufted Carpet & Turf


Bejimac are specialist in textile finishing machines

and the result of more than 100 years of experience and know-how gained in the textile finishing field by Henri Paulus, Raxhon, Carbomatic and M-Tec (synergies of Menschner, Hemmer, Kettling+Braun, Sistig).
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Metal detection before shearing to avoid damages on the shearing cylinder
  • Efficient brush to remove the dust and facilitate the shearing
  • Automatic adjustment of the tension during the whole process capable of dealing with the different qualities
  • Setting of different quality types and automatic adjustment of the parameters (receipts) high level of automation reducing human mistakes
  • Robust construction, few spare parts high efficiency
  • Equipment from famous suppliers (Siemens, Phoenix,…) ensure low maintenance costs & high life time of the machine
  • Direct help from our offices for electronic issues (Tele-Service) reduction of eventual stops of the production
  • Designed for the security of the operators and for an easy maintenance
  • Electric motion of the protection guard which is illuminated and designed to have perfect view of the cutting when the machine is running
  • Reverse run for an adjustable length to avoid marks in case of stop
  • Direct drive on the shearing cylinder controlled by inverter to allow cylinder speed selection
  • Double cylindrical roll bearings with swing bearing
  • Cylinder oscillation to have uniform surface quality of the blades and then a uniform cutting
  • Lubrication of the cylinder
  • Automatic uniform application of the oil on the felt above the cylinder
  • For wide width machines, adjustment of the lubrication width according to the carpet width
  • Greasing of the shearing head thanks to 2 sprinklers moving over the felt for a regular effect
  • Combined shearing table available
  • Base framework on H-steel beams which does not need screwing to the ground
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