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BLUE REED is an international leader in manufacturing high quality and demanding reeds. The skilled work force and continuous research and development has put Blue Reed among the world leaders.

These top quality reeds are often used in applications with fine, delicate and or abrasive yarns, including Glass-, Nylon-, Carbon-, PP-, PES-, Wool- and Cotton yarns.
The reed density range covers from coarse 3 dents/Inch up to fine 95 dents/Inch (DPI).
Special or Standard material (including polished and/or coated dents) is used in order to reach the best performance for the application.

Weaving reeds: Profile reeds E-Reeds suitable for air jet looms, Flat reeds suitable for Rapier -, Projectile – and Waterjet looms. Double dent reeds for Terry fabrics.
Warping & Sizing, Leasing reeds (No hook reeds): Suitable for direct and sectional warpers, delivery units with creels.
Other reeds: Back reeds, Combs, Zig-zag combs, etc., may be available upon request.
Additional products: Ultra sonic reed cleaning machine, Airflow checker A80, Reed Hooks
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