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Slub, Core & Injection Systems for RS & OE


Slub, Core & Injection Systems for RS & OE

Amsler devices can be added or modified to almost any type of existing or new spinning frames from all major manufacturers such as, Marzoli, Rieter, Schlafhorst, Zinser, Savio, Toyoda, etc.

Ringspin systems for slub yarn without thin places
Amsler systems for the manufacturing of basic slub yarns or multicount / multitwist
Effect yarns. Shorter than staple length slubs are possible. Ring spinning Frames with more than 1700 spindles are possible.

Open-end yarn for fabrics with the look of a Ring spun yarn
Slub yarns or multicount / multitwist Effect yarns are possible.

Color Injection system for new fashion options
Fully controlled injection of a wide variety of roving fibers into a two-ply yarn on a ring spinning frame. This enables extensive ways to manufacture innovative fashion fabrics with colored slubs.

Core ring spinning device for reliable and economical production of core yarn up to Ne 150/1
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